Jewellery inspired by the
Earth & Stars

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us every day, Sahara Sun captivates the elements of nature and places it into wearable art. Whether you are a lover of the oceans or the skies, we aim to provide pieces that radiate energy and creativity. Whether you are encouraging self-love or are showing someone your appreciation, Sahara Sun has pieces designed for every nature-lover.



  • Sunfire Necklace

    Introducing the captivating "Sunfire" necklace. Crafted with delicate artistry, it symbolises the transformative power of embracing your inner fire and radiating warmth. Pair it with other items to empower your ensemble and let your inner light shine.

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  • Vintage Astral Ring

    Discover the Vintage Astral Ring, a captivating homage to bygone eras. With celestial mystique and wisdom, it encourages trust in your inner vision and intuition. Wear it as a symbol of empowerment or share it as a meaningful token. Let its vintage allure guide you towards awakened consciousness.

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"I’m obsessed with my Sahara Sun pieces. I spend heaps of time in the ocean and exercise loads and they’ve held up perfectly without a hint of tarnish. They’re delicate enough that I can wear every day but enough of a statement that people comment on them."

- Marielle, Adelaide