About us

My dream for Sahara Sun began through my passion for creativity and art. As a lover of painting, drawing and designing, I envisioned a label that allowed others to wear the art I created. I wanted to make sure Sahara Sun reflected my love for the beauty of life - the oceans, the skies, the sunsets with friends. I wanted to captivate the enchanting aspects of Earth, and place them into wearable artworks. 

I needed to make sure I was truly passionate about the jewellery I was selling - I needed a purpose for the label. That is why I created a waterproof, tarnish free jewellery design brand. Whether you're an adventurer, a wanderer or an ocean lover, these jewellery pieces can be left on through the day and night, on vigorous hikes and on beach trips. With 18K Gold Plating and Sterling Silver, you never have to worry about taking your jewellery off - you can just embrace each moment throughout life. 

In summer 2022, my partner and I began our business journey, and Sahara Sun was born. We worked hard to organise, research and learn everything about running a small business. We worked in our small garage of our share house in between our normal working jobs, and celebrated our little wins together. We became part of the market community, and opened our small stall next to the beaches of Adelaide. 

Working in our small garage hasn't changed, but our passion and gratitude never stops growing. Thanks to the support of our friends, family and the wonderful strangers we've met along the way, we've been able to create a brand we have put our heart and soul into.

Through the endless love and support, we now get to share it with you.